County Cork Irish Pub

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Welcome to County Cork Irish Pub

Located at 50 Waterfront Dr. Warwick, R.I.02889. Open 6 days a week. This Family Restaurant / Irish Pub Features a full kitchen with Irish cuisine and great local favorites. Set in the Heart of Warwick Cove overlooking Brewer's marine. You can enjoy a great family atmosphere while dinning outside on our patio watching the Sailboat's go by or sit back and enjoy a nice cold Guinness at the bar. We are perfect for Christmas party's or any special occasion up to 40 people. County Cork Irish Pub is a venue that sells moderately-priced food to a casual dining market. We want to create a safe and warm Irish welcome, appealing to family's, boaters and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our goals are to be a healthy successful business that is an example in customer service and has a loyal customer following, with a specific measures of customer satisfaction. We want to create a Niche by specializing and not compromising, example; to do one thing well rather than 10 things poorly. We want to focus our energy, efforts and resources in one direction and make County Cork Irish pub a memorable and favorite destination.

Congratulations County Cork-DIVISION CHAMPS!! Great group of guys that are a pleasure to Manage and Coach! Great job Wayne Gilbert!

Hours of Operation

Temporarily closed to do COVID restrictions and construction on the patio we will reopen mid April


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